felt pens in moleskine sketchbook

For the Moleskine Exchange. Inspired by an expression found on the face of the lead character in a French comic strip discovered in a Parisian newspaper - I only pinched the expression, mind. Drawn while listening to an album by Oliver Nelson which I bought for the title alone...The Blues & the Absolute Truth. It's kind of weird but I think I'm getting used to it.


steve said...

You expression pincher Ian. Whatever the case may be, this is very inspired!

Andrea said...

Chicken for lunch then?!?

Janet said...

Why?...to show the 'possum that YES, it can be done!

ian russell said...

chicken omelette!

thanks for your timely comments, I was really wondering whether to continue blogging this year but I think I might. :o)

sweetscarlett said...

Hi Ian,

I have bookmarked your blog for some time now, and love your art work and stories, so yes, carry on blogging!

Would you consider helping me develop my blog into more of a website like yours?
I was considering a move to WordPress, but if I could develop it into pages, etc., I will stay here.

You can contact me at: infoformaggie[at]gmail.com

Thank you!