When I told my first art class teacher about Hockney's digital art, he gave me a disparaging look. Computers, in art? He seemed to have taken firmly against the idea. Grave blasphemy, probably. And I was only making conversation.

There's a video interview with David Hockney posted on Bryan Appleyard's. As soon as I saw it I just wanted one of those iPads. But by teatime, I realised all I wanted was to have a go.

Thanks to my blogging friend, Steve, for this link to OdoSketch. Like him, I had to make do with a blunt finger on the small touchpad. Steve says it was like working an Etch-A-Sketch; I felt like I was getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. However, looking over their featured gallery, it shows you can do some half decent doodles with a proper tablet and stylus attached. There isn't a black brush though, just a thin pen, the eraser's a bit all or nothing, and my screen kept freezing up. Well, you can't have everything, and it is free.

Click Aarghh!! for a full size animation, and here to see what I was aiming for.

bits (montage of doodle scraps)

absent mind; mindless; no mind; don't mind; don't; mind; mind gap; gap-year mind; yeah.
pink pritt-stick courtesy of daughter.

glass (pencil and stencil in moleskine)

Filling up my moleskine exchange moleskine from last year.

tuesday's lunch #1 (biro, highlighters, some pencil)

They call me mr. fruit-bat.

map o' monday #1 (biro & hightlighters on back of envelope)

I thought I'd try to restart this blog today; all the best laid plans begin
with a road map.

just who is thelma ritter? (graphite in moleskine)

The backward glance is interesting but what sold it to me was the heavy overcoat she's wearing - it was already heavy and I've made it over so. No one tends to wear heavy coats these days, and very soon no one will need to.

art class final week (charcoal on cartridge paper)

...end of the course, where did the time go?