s t r e t c h e d - c a t
gouache in moleskine sketchbook

The cat that was no trouble at all.

...back to being an art class student next year.


Janet said...

Very nice! I'd love to get up the nerve to take an art class (bashfullness issues...)
You asked was I still blogging...I'm having a hard time getting back to drawing, but I am back to taking photos...I have added a Flickr button on my site.

ian russell said...

I shall have a look, Janet.

I've done quite a few adult classes now - not just art - it becomes addictive! But I remember at first you wonder what's in store for you, but everyone's in the same boat, there's a lot of encouragement and support.

steve said...

I love this one Ian! Was the carpet really this shade of green? Whatever the case, great great spread. So glad to see you back to art classes again. If I had money, I'd be in (art) school for life, haha!

ian russell said...

ha, ha, it was taken on the front lawn - well, I say 'lawn' but it's mostly clover and moss! one day I'll replace it.
yeah, I'm looking forward to it, steve. and a totally new teacher, I hope he/she's as good as the last teacher.