Thought Process.
micron pen & polychromos pencils in sketchbook

another one for the Moleskine Exchange project. a conglomeration of free flowing doodles over several days, redrawn as a sort of comic book. not a story board, which would suggest linear progress, because all these events are unfolding simultaneously, free of time, as it would do in reality, though, unconsciously, we cheat our conscious perception and call the adulteration reality as though linear thought is more acceptable to us.


Johnnynorms said...

this and grinchen pear both favs of mine of yours - i like the notions and they set me off reflecting.

I'd still quite like to be part of a group blog (eg. that art & about art idea), but on the other hand I love having Elbowroom as my own domain, so i would end up not regularly doing more blogs.

ian russell said...

I know what you mean, John. I may just keep going with this for now.