Dali Season
polychromos pencils & micron in moleskine sketchbook

One for the Moleskine Exchange project.


steve said...

Heeyy, he's back! These are marvelous Ian.

ian russell said...

thanks, steve.

I don't now for how long. I feel I'm transcending my blogging phase somehow. I still like the idea but it's pointlessness is becoming ever more evident and ever more unjustifiable in the limited space we have in this existence.

I've abandoned the writing side of it as I've joined a network of new-agey style thinkers and it satisfies my need to throw the occasional essay into cyberspace on their site. I wouldn't mind finding something similar for my images then I could give up blogging and concentrate on art. I can't help thinking there must be a lot like me who can't manage to run a daily blog and we could form a team initiative. :o)